Nate Auffort, and the Most Influential Trainers and Coaches in the industry Present......

 Strategic Wealth Accumulation Tactics Events

What is S.W.A.T. 
& What it's NOT!  

Who We Are

Strategic Wealth Accumulation Tactics, or Better known as S.W.A.T., is the market leader in sales conversion optimization, training both companies and independent sales agents in the US.  

What We Do

We teach exclusive, proven & time-tested proprietary skills that you do not find anywhere else, including subconscious programming techniques, strategies, and tactics to double or triple close ratios. When you attend our SWAT Event, you will leave imprinted with the ability to create a realization in the mind of the buyer that they need what you have, resulting in a sale close to 100% of the time. You will also possess the unique ability to recognize within 30 seconds or less, on how your prospective client wants the information delivered to them so that they understand it, agree with it, and most importantly take action. 

Proof We Have

Using these sought-after strategic tactics & techniques, Nate Auffort has personally built and trained sales agents in the tens of thousands in 3 separate industries and was consistently the #1 Producer in all of them, as he believes in leading from the front. Combined with mastering these skills, his tenacity, and relentlessness, he created a 7 figure income in all three of these completely different industries. He has not only used these skills personally to make tens of millions but has also trained thousands of others to produce the same or even greater results, most recently helping an individual go from being homeless to earning millions in less than 4 years! 

People Want It

Attendees of the SWAT Training on average see a 100% - 200% increase in their personal or team’s close ratios and leave the event with a true understanding of how to communicate to people in the way they want to be communicated with in order to make a buying decision, join their team, and most importantly implement it & 

Coach Micheal Burt

" Nate is a true trainer of success, who delivers the goods with actual techniques and actionable steps! He will definitely leave you wanting more. He is on an entirely different level" 

Bonnie Popovich

" Nate, Thank you so much for the training this weekend!!! Not every day that someone will take the time to invest in others! It’s the boost I needed to build the courage with in myself to acknowledge what and who I am truly inside so I can continue to help others find their courage to change their future"

Sarah Kate Segelquist 

"We attended Swat Financial’s event this past month and learned so much about ourselves and our marriage!! This event was absolutely life changing and look forward to the next! The trainings and systems are absolutely amazing!"

Tony Merwin 

"If you attend just one event this year - make it this one. I attended the mini event after 8% nation last year, and was mind blown. It's truly a positive shift in your perspective in dealing with people and communication. You can look for me this year sitting in the front row!"

Cody Askins 

"By the end of the 3 day event, everyone who attends will have real actionable steps completely mapped out for an abundant and momentum-rest of 2021. This is where top earners are born, because when we go home and apply these strategies, results CAN and WILL happen."

Tawny Lynn

"Nate...just wanted to express how grateful I am to you after attending the Dallas SWAT event last weekend. Energizing! Impactful! And life changing! I’m someone brand new to this industry, and because of this event, I know for sure, I’m in the right place for once in my lifetime. Because I attended SWAT, Im assured and positive that I’m destined for the greatness I felt was always inside of me. Not ringing that bell!!!! Thank you again."

Lori Stai

"I just spent 3 days having some of the world's most influential people pour into me at the SWAT Training.... we pay, we go, we get fired up and promise we will implement this or that... then we leave! Somehow I believe more often than not people get home, settle in and lose some or all of the fire lit inside us... this is a reminder all day everyday of the immense gratitude I have for what I received this weekend and to never squander opportunity!!! I am blessed!!!!"

Josh Lustig

"Nate, I truly appreciate the amount of energy and effort you poured into us at the last SWAT event in Dallas. You are by far one of the most energetic and entertaining presenters out there, and the things I've learned from you are not only changing my business life, but my personal relationships as well. Thanks for all you do!"

Sim Green 

"Nate, I had to stop by and say not only me, but my ENTIRE team that was with me enjoyed the S.W.A.T. Transformational training. We are not on a high, be we are on a new mission. Glad we pre-booked our seats for the next event as I am sure it will be 2-3x as large!

Discover the strategies that CONSISTENTLY PUT YOU ON TOP OF THE LEADERBOARDS  ...and LEARN HOW TO rapidly grow your business.


Learn the secrets on how to deliver information to people in the language they speak, so that they don't confuse the message with the messenger, understand it, accept it, and MOST importantly, implement it and TAKE ACTION! 

Build A Life, Not An Income 

" A true trainer of success, who delivers the goods with actual techniques and actionable steps!,  He will definitely leave you wanting more. He is on an entirely different level"  -Coach Micheal Burt

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Nate Auffort 

Struggling to get ahead financially, Nate Auffort was a college dropout who got involved in dozens of sales positions and companies only to find himself failing over and over again, winding up over $100,000 in debt.  It wasn't until he met a mentor in his mid 20's who took him under his wing  to teach him the necessary skills to begin having money chase him as opposed to him chasing money. 

Nate Auffort learned and mastered these skills and by applying them has become a 7 Figure Income earner multiple times in three different companies and industries, shattering the records previously set by their current sales people. 

 He has taught these unknown secrets to a select few and has helped them achieve Millionaire status as well in their own lives. This is the 1st time he will be revealing these techniques to an audience of thousands 

The mission behind Strategic Wealth Accumulation Tactics or better Known as S.W.A.T. is to teach the exclusive and proprietary skills needed to communicate, negotiate, and relate to individuals and the strategies on how to achieve both time and money freedom in your life. 


Nate Auffort shared the Stage with legendary success Coach John Maxwell who's mantra is "If you wouldn't follow yourself, why should anyone else"?

Both John Maxwell and Nate Auffort firmly agree on the fact that the greatest day in your life and mine, is when we take TOTAL responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up. 

Nate will teach you through a PROVEN formula, how to have an attitude of gratitude even while you are failing! Allowing you to not only create the miracle on the other side of the failure, but more importantly to have the POWER over ADVERSITY!